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We sure don't see snow with the same eye than when we were kids  Now what we think about is how long it will take to shovel the driveway, and how long before you have to start all over again as soon as you are done. Perhaps it's time to for you to buy a snowblower. Before rushing out the door you should make a few considerations so you can ensure you get the best machine for your needs. But where do you start?

You need to decide on the size and power of your next snowblower, another factor to consider is what is the surface you need to clear in an average snowfall. For a short driveway and minimal snow falls (less than 8 inches per dump) a single-stage snowblower should suit you fine. However, if you get deep snow or have to clear a large area then a dual-stage snowblower would be a better choice, as it will work harder in heavy snow to get the job done.

The noise is another important factor to consider , how much noise can you (and your neighbors) tolerate while you clear your yard? Gas-powered snowblowers are noisier than electric models, and dual-stage units are nosier than single-stage ones. You can usually find out how noisy a snowblower is by checking the box – look for a decibel level rating. Then decide whether a powerful, noisy snowblower is better than a quieter, less robust model.

Just know that a two stage snowblower can weigh about 300 pounds. Many people who are elderly or have disabilities decide to buy a snowblower so they can clear their walkways themselves, only to find that they can't handle the machine. Even if the wheels are moving by themselves an effort is needed to get the machine where you want it to go. Lighter electric or single-stage models may be easier to handle but make sure that they can handle your snow load first.

You also need to consider what type of driveway you have , what is under the snow , grass, concrete, gravel, etc. Single-stage models are built to scoop and blow – meaning if you have a gravel driveway you'll end up firing rocks all over the place. A dual-stage snowblower has an auger that can be set to different heights, so you can avoid rock-throwing, which you neighbors will undoubtedly appreciate.

How much money you want to spend on fuel is another important factor to determine. As you must know, the gas-fuelled blowers are more powerful, but also heavier. They also give you better range so they're good for larger areas – such as acreages or long driveways. However, electric models are lighter, and you don't have to worry about gassing them up. For lighter, smaller jobs an electric snowblower will usually do the trick; otherwise you may want to consider a gas model for bigger jobs.

How many speeds you require out of your snowblower is something else to consider. Some features are good to have on a snowblower while others are bells and whisle . It's good to have a few speed options so your blower can go slower through heavy snow, but you really don't need more than five or six speeds. I find that headlights are a definite plus for early morning and late evening clearing, and you want to make sure that your snowblower is easy to start.

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Snow Blowers On Sale

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This article was published on 2010/11/05