Snow Storm Damage

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Every year as winter rolls around, everyone is worried about the prospect of damage from the snow storms that are sure to come. Snow storm damages can cost families and home owners hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. There are ways to minimize damage and keep costs low and such steps should be taken to avoid paying high costs fixing these damages.

One of the biggest ways home damage occurs is through water damage. Snow accumulation builds up and can damage homes in a variety of ways. To avoid this, keep snow away from your home, specifically away from areas it could get into your home or basement. One major thing to keep an eye on is any window wells that you have. If these have any snow stored up in them, get rid of the snow, as window wells are always an easy way for snow and water to get into your house. You can construct some sort of barrier around your window well to help keep snow out all winter long. If no barrier can be built, you'll have to monitor the area, and shovel around it frequently to keep snow away. In general, shovelling show away from the foundation of your house is a good way to make sure there isn't any snow or water coming in any cracks in the foundation.

Another major way that winter damage is incurred is from tree branches that are covered with ice or very heavy snow and eventually snap off the tree. These branches can damage home and cars, and often cost a great deal to get repaired. Monitor the trees around your home, and if they have a lot of ice or snow on them, do not park beneath them. Icicles are another danger to look out for; if they form on your house or garage, make sure not to park under them, and do not do any work beneath them, in case they fall.

Finally, be aware of snow forming on your roof. This snow can melt more quickly than other snow, and all the excess water on your roof can damage it easily. If you have a large amount of snowfall, consider hiring a professional to get rid of it, to avoid roof damage due to melting snow. Having proper insulation in your attic can help prevent fast melting. These tips will help save you money this winter.
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Much like you, Callum likes to keep warm and toasty during the winter. Last winter his tenants roof caved in from all the snow. Not cosy. Luckily his buy to let insurance cover covered it. He recommends you get some decent cover too.

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Snow Storm Damage

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This article was published on 2010/12/09